Oulun pelifirmat

Oulun pelifirmat

Tämän sivun  tarkoituksena on listata niitä oululaisia pelifirmoja, joita tiedän. Lista on otettu GRCn sivuilta, josta tietoa myös löytyy, jos vain osaa etsiä. Valitettavasti tämäkään lista ei löydy suomenkielisten hakusanojen avulla, ainoastaan englanniksi. Myönnetään, ala on kansainvälinen ja pääkielenä toimii englanti, mutta siitä huolimatta olisi hyvä jos samaan informaatioon päätyisi myös rakkaalla kotimaisella.

Tässä nyt kuitenkin lista. Toivottavasti se on avuksi.

Päivitetty 13.12.2012

Alpakka Media Oy (www.alpakkamedia.fi), established 2007.
Alpakka Media is a content production company that was built on love for stories and urge to serve the needs of the demanding audience of children. Alpakka creates 2D animations for television and games and animation for the Internet.

BelleGames Oy (http://www.bellegames.net/).
We develop fun and casual games for various platforms, including mobile and browser games. Our games are visually rich and created in retro style with fantastic music. The emphasis is on non-violent games with a strong background story. We focus on usability and playability, so players of any age can easily learn to play and enjoy our games. The social and cooperative aspect of games is also very important to us; that is why we aim to create games that emphasize team work.

Fantastec Oy (www.fantastec.fi), established 2009
Fantastec makes innovative 3D virtual environments and services in cost-effective way. Based in Oulu, Finland.

Fingersoft (http://www.fingersoft.net/)
Fingersoft is a group of software and mobile technology professionals enthusiast about making high-quality apps and games 

Games & Tales (http://gamesandtales.com/), established 2012

Grey Brain Oy (www.greybrain.fi), established 2009
Grey Brain is a Oulunsalo, Oulu based company specializing in network based games.

Helmeni Games (http://helmeni.com/en/index.php), established 2012
Helmeni is a privately held indie game development studio headquartered in Finland and promoted by professionals who have significant experience in the area of software development. The company has been established in October 2012 and offers currently work for 7 people

Kinos Game Studio (http://www.kinosgamestudio.com/)

Ludocraft Oy (www.ludocraft.com), founded 2006
Ludocraft is a dynamic games studio and an innovative consulting partner. We specialise in the design and development of collaborative multiplayer games for PCs by harnessing high-end 3D game technologies.
LudoCraft is a university spin-off with a strong background in academic research. The core people in the team have previously worked in numerous research and development projects with other scientists and have several years of experience collaborating with other academic disciplines. The company was founded in 2006 as an independent games studio. Based in Oulu, Finland.

Playsign (www.playsign.net)
Provider for games, game experiences and gaming content. Based in Oulu, Finland.

Spinfy (http://www.spinfy.com/)

The interactive storybooks from Spinfy give you a new kind of interactive reading experience which is both interesting and exciting – but in a safe way. It's something your whole family can enjoy together. We pay careful attention to our mobile applications and their content. It means you don’t need to be worried when you give our interactive storybooks for your kids to read. There’s nothing naughty or scary. Quite the contrary, our stories bring joy and inspiration for children.

Viima Games (http://viimagames.com/qr/)
Based in the Oulu, Finland, Viima Games Oy was founded in 2012  by four ex-Nokia employees—software industry veterans with extensive competence in mobile application development. The name “Viima” reflects the company’s promise: Winds will blow new life to the Oulu area's game development scene. Viima Games is set on taking over the gaming world and building a solid portfolio of games in numerous genres.